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Create an employment contract

employee contracts for small business

This means the employer can terminate the employee’s employment for any reason whatsoever, i.e., at-will, except where doing so would violate federal or state discrimination or labor laws. An at-will employee can also be demoted or reassigned at the sole discretion of the employer. It also means the employee can quit at any time, without breaching the employment agreement.

employee contracts for small business

A business contract is a legally binding agreement between two parties that outlines the terms and conditions to which each party agrees, for the exchange of goods or services. What you need are high-quality employment sample contract templates. An employment contract is executed between the employer and employee to seal and guide their conduct, especially the observance of certain duties and responsibilities. A severance agreement is an employment contract that outlines expectations when employment is terminated. It should include details about the severance package, including salary, benefits, and other compensation, such as stock options or bonuses. Most non-compete clauses will extend beyond termination, but they must be enforceable, which means they have to satisfy certain legal requirements.

Employment Contracts By State

Employee contracts are a type of business deal that prevents legal liability from falling on a small business owner. You’ll want to ensure that both you and the employee sign any legally required contracts to prevent undue liability. For liability reasons, the better practice is to specify that the employment manual itself, and all policies contained therein, only provide guidelines. All binding terms and conditions should be set forth in the employment agreement itself or attached as exhibits. The information naturally includes financial information, trade secrets, secret recipes, unique inventions, competitive strategies, new products in development, unique and proprietary ways of doing things, and the like. For this reason, it is always a good idea to make the employee’s status clear at the time of hiring or when a promotion is given.

  • This Non-Compete shall be in effect for ☐ [#] Months ☐ [#] Years following the date of Employee’s termination.
  • H) Check if there is an employee handbook to refer to that will provide additional information about the employer’s leave policy.
  • An at-will Employment Contract allows an employer to terminate an employee at any time, without notice or cause, as long as the reason for the termination is not illegal.
  • The key to this agreement is that you should enter into the agreement before any disclosure.
  • The federal minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 per hour.[3] In most states, the minimum wage is higher.
  • For most employers, mandatory arbitration should be binding in all situations except where it is necessary for the employer to enforce an NDA, NSA, or non-compete.

Therefore, participants in 401(k), 403(b), and most 457 plans, as well as the federal government’s Thrift Savings Plan who are 50 and older can contribute up to $30,500, starting in 2024. The catch-up contribution limit for employees 50 and over who participate in SIMPLE plans remains $3,500 for 2024. Restrictive covenant agreements typically refer to agreements entered into by employees upon hiring that prohibit certain actions during and/or after employment. Restrictive covenants can also appear in agreements presented to employees in other contexts. Before finalizing the contract, consult with a legal expert to ensure all clauses are enforceable and in line with local laws.

Perform a Background Check

An employment contract is between an employer and the employee being hired to perform a service in exchange for payment. An employee’s pay, benefits, and other terms of employment are negotiated between the parties during the hiring process. After the hiring, workers are commonly considered “W-2 employees” and have their payroll taxes withheld from compensation. The standard employment contract sample below defines all necessary terms of an employment relationship — terms that become legally binding when signed by the employer and employee. At the end of the day, employment contracts is the thing that holds and secures the bond between the employer and the employee.

Contracts form the basis of binding agreements between your business and its employees, customers, and vendors. Without them, misunderstandings can quickly turn into expensive legal battles. Learn about 7 types of employment contracts for small businesses and how to ensure they are enforceable under North Carolina law. It is not only the major point of reference for workers, managers, small business owners, HR experts, and recruitment officers. A new employment contract ushers in a number of boons to persons and organizations.


Notary Public – It is highly recommended for executive positions that the form is signed in the presence of a notary public. A form that is notarized represents that the parties displayed government-issued identification before authorization. Before any commitments are made, it’s best to have employee contracts for small business a conversation with multiple candidates to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. It is also a good idea for the employer to have pre-written questions that explore not only the candidate’s job qualifications but also how they would react if put in particular situations in the workplace.

employee contracts for small business

A Contract Addendum allows you to make one or more changes to an existing contract without invalidating it. Suppose you need to make a significant change to an employee’s current job description and duties. In that case, using a Contract Addendum will prevent you from having to create an entirely new Employment Contract. A Contract Addendum must be attached to the Employment Contract and signed by both parties. Subcontractor Agreement – Made between a contractor and a subcontractor. When a contractor has made an agreement with an individual or company they will then use a subcontractor agreement to satisfy portions of the original agreement by hiring other known specialists.

Typical Terms and Conditions

Many businesses sell products, and therefore need a good Sales Contract. The Sales Contract lays out the price, terms, and conditions for the sale of goods, equipment, or other products. Of course, some businesses (like the corner grocery store) don’t need Sales Contracts, but if your products sell for significant dollars, then you likely need a Sales Contract. If you expect to have venture capitalists or other professional investors invest in your company, they will expect that you have these agreements in place for all of your employees.

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Generally, non-compete clauses can only last for a specified amount of time. Additionally, non-compete clauses must meet specific requirements to be enforced, such as being limited to a reasonable geographic location. After completing, both parties are advised to take the document to their respective legal counsel. If the employee and employer agree to the terms of the agreement, it is time to sign.

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